The aim of K.C.B. Interlight is to manufacture and sell products of the highest quality.
We follow the principle that high product quality is the result of planned and coordinated actions of all organisational units of the company.
We have been operating in accordance with the Quality Management System continuously since 2007.

Quality control includes both materials and raw materials at the time of delivery to the warehouse, current production, as well as the storage and loading of goods intended for the Customer.
Our products are also verified by independent audit firms as: Dekra, Intertek, Bureau Veritas and ATeCQ.

Thanks to a well-equipped laboratory, we constantly monitor and improve the quality of our products. We test products from each production batch at our modern incineration plant, which ensures their compliance with the RAL quality standard.
We also have a qualified team of employees responsible for the implementation and standardisation of products. The personnel responsible for ​​innovation continuously modifies the used technologies and introduces new ones in order to meet all Customer expectations.

KCB Interlight Sp. z o.o.
PL 88-140 Gniewkowo
ul. Inowroclawska 4

Tel. +48 52 355 82 07
Fax +48 52 355 84 47

KRS 0000129581 Sąd Rejonowy w Bydgoszczy, XIII Wydział Gospodarczy
NIP:556-000-42-37 / VAT-ID: PL5560004237
Zarząd/Management: Łucja Kończal, Hartmut Boock, Romana Szafrańska