What you have to follow to make candle - also the thicker one - burning regular and unresevedly?

When you buy a candle you have to consider the purpose (the probable burning time). Who wants /plans burn a candle only at breakfast or at coffee-time, should buy - because of the short burning time - a candle with a smaller diameter as the one which should burn more hours during a celebration. For this kind of occasions candles with bigger diameter are more suitable. Follow burning instructions from the packaging.

Why no foreign bodies as: rests of matches, of wick, fly or other insects can lie in the pan?/basin?/trough?

This kind of pollution make the wax dirty. The dirty wax chose / strangles / quashes the wick. Ability to absorb by the wick of wax is smaller. The pollution also can take the flame on and be in this case a second wick which as result can damage the candle. Then the candle becomes a source of danger, especially if the foreign body is on the rand of candle. The rand of candle is then broken off and candle drops continually.

Some candles smoke or glimmer /flicker. How you can remedy it?

If the wick is too long, cut it piece by piece until the candle stops smoking. If necessary, do the draught away. If there is not enough oxygen, for ex. if the rand of candle is too high, cut it.

Why candles sometimes drop?

Reasons: too high temperature in the room, draught or the candle doesn't stand straight.

Why do some candles splatter /splash or rifle / fire?

The wick absorbs water, but this seldom happens.

The candle burns not straight and from one side wax flows out. Steps?/Measures?

If draught makes the candle going to one side, make the draught away and turn the candle to the other side. If the wick goes too much to one side, you should carefully make it straight.

What is to follow by grouping of candles in head-dress or candle-holder?

Candles can't stand too close together, because they warm each other and have tendency to drop or become curved. If candles are grupped vertical, then can happen that the candle which is up, burns unevenly because of the warmth which is going to up during the candle below burns. To build a composition of candles you should use candles with - if possible - the same length and the same shape.

Some wicks - when they burn - built swelling /looking like knots on the top of wick, what then often drop away. How you can protect it?

You can speak about so called "flowers" or "smoking mushrooms", which should be removed with scissors, because droping "flowers" make the bottom dirty and have negative influence on the proper burning of candle.

Why it's not allowed to extinguish of a new lighted candle?

Because the wick till now has not absorbed the right quantity of paraffin and will go out.

Which is the best way to extinguish of a candle?

Blow the flame out or suppress with a cover for candle-extinguishing. If possible, do not touch the wick.

Why do some candles go out by itself?

Candles can extinguish by themselves, if: the wick doesn't have enough stability, the wick falls over and falls into the melted wax in bottom, the wick will be suppressed with pigment or other pollution, the ability to absorb is smaller and wax during the burning time is not absorbed.

What you should do if the wick after extinguish of candle smoulder and goes out?

Every wick smouldes and goes out after extinguishing of candle. If the wick steadily goes out, you should sink it in liquid wax or press the embress/heat with wet fingers.

Can you be sure - seeing an inscription "100% beeswax" that the candle is really produced on basic of 100%-beeswax?

Yes, because the producer gives guarantee for the right candle-description.

Why do candles made of 100%-beeswax have after some time-storage a white-grey-layer?

The reason are specific qualities of beeswax. After the candles are some time laying, they get a thin layer. Take this layer as an additional sign for correctness of the used material.

How to make stains of wax away - also the coloured ones - from textiles (for ex. from table-cloth)?

The best way to remove stains of wax on textiles is to iron it through one or two tissue papers. If necessary, repeat it so long time until the whole wax is absorbed into the tissue papers. The remove rests of stains by chemical cleaning.

Why do candles in the gravelights sometimes go out by itself?

The probable reason is getting enough oxygen by the gravelight. The other possibility is: size of the candle is no suitable compared to the size of gravelight (too big candle in a too small gravelight).

Do a burning candle take the cigarette smoke from away?


Which way candle-holders polluted with wax should be cleaned, so that they will not tear / they become no scratched?

Make the candle-holder warm until the wax begins to melt. Then make the wax with a flannel away. Wax can be made warm in hot water with a little bit of soda or washing-up-liquid.

Which way you can fit a candle like Pillar with a small hole to holders with a big bolt, without making the candle to become scratched?

The hole can be made bigger by boring /drilling. If you don't have a drill, then make it with scissors. In spezial shops with candles you can also buy a set for making a hole in candle bigger.

How you can stabilize a conic candle, which is not suitable for a holder?

Candle to thin:
a) stick on the feet of candle a candle-fast and then put the candle in
b) drop into the holder some drops of liquid wax from burning candle and then put the candle in.
Candle to thick:
a) scrub the layer of wax from the candle-feet
b) sink the feet of candle into warm water and then form it with hands o press it in holder.

Why do Pillar-candles not burn till the end and the not burned rest can be not more used?

You will never have guarantee that the whole candle will burn until the end, because this kind of candle has a hole in the bottom. The part of candle where the hole is, can not burn because the wick in this part is not stable, it falls and extinguishes.

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