•The candle is a live light. Do not leave a burning candle unattended.

•Candles burn more beautifully when they are taken care of, in a manner depending on the model and form.

•Candles should not be placed too near to each other (maintain a 15 cm space).

•Candles must never be placed one above the other.

•Avoid draught of any type.

•When burning a new candle, set its wick at an angle, so it can adopt its natural inclination as quickly as possible.

•The ideal wick length during burning is 15 mm.

•A wick that is too long has a tendency to create smoke. If this occurs, the wick should be trimmed using special scissors for wick cutting.

•If the wick is too short, the flame becomes smaller. Carefully drain the basin of the candle.

•The edge of the candle, which was formed during burning, should be trimmed off after the candle is extinguished, while it is still warm.

•Keep candle stands clean (e.g. remove burnt matches and other waste).

•If the candle is burning on one side, carefully position the wick in the other direction.

•The best way to extinguish candles is to dip the wick in liquid wax and then immediately straighten the wick. This will prevent the wick from glowing.

•Thick candles should be burned long enough for the basin to be filled entirely.

•After being extinguished, the knot cannot be damaged or broken off.

•Candles should never be burned without a non-flammable stand.

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